In Canada, we declare America crazy –

In Canada, we declare America crazy -

All of Canada thinks America has gone crazy. This was stated by Canadian director David Cronenberg, Tuesday, at the Festival de Cannes, where his new film Future Crimes is presented in competition. Cronenberg responded with this to the uproar over abortion law in the United States. The Supreme Court is going to be about to dump that right in the trash.

“In Canada, we think everyone in the United States has gone crazy,” Cronenberg said. “We can’t believe officially elected people are yelling the things they’re yelling at in the United States. And it’s not just about abortion. We can say all kinds of things about Putin and the invasion of Ukraine. But also about what’s going on.” In the country to our south, we sometimes feel similar negative feelings.”

This topic came about because of his new movie, which is set in a near future where plastic and rust take hold. There is no such thing as nature anymore. Some human bodies adapt to this situation and automatically create new organs that live in this toxic environment. “It is a constant factor in history that the government is trying to control its citizens. What people think, what people say, what people do with their bodies,” said Cronenberg, who wrote the screenplay for the film 20 years ago.

plastic embrace

Cronenberg stresses that the film is not primarily political. “But at the same time, all art is political,” immediately adds a filmmaker such as The Fly and eXistenZ. “It is an expression of culture, context, influences and language. So it is also political.”

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He notes that more than three quarters of the world’s population today have plastic in their bodies. “We can no longer be saved, plastic can no longer be removed from the world, nature and our bodies. So let’s embrace the truth and see what plastic can do for us. Can we use it as food, for example? There are now scientists who are testing that.”

Future Crimes can be seen in Dutch cinemas later this year.

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