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The Image Bank in Oisterwijk shows you films from the past and present. Each week, Image Bank volunteers bring you a movie that you can find at Image Bank.

Perdido Street Blues by Our Pleasure

It is our pleasure to play Perdido Street Blues (part of the movie LOVO).

LOVO Oisterwijkse Oude Stijl Jazz has invited Genootschap Ons Geluken to her studio several times for a beautiful recording of their musical abilities. This is a recording from 1999 where Perdido played the Street Blues. The company was founded in 1977 by a group of passionate musician friends. They gave their last concert in 2012. During their 36 years of existence, they formed a close group with names like Thom van Rooij, Frans de Bruijn, Gijs Touw, Raymond van Dun, Ton Willekes, Wim van de Wegen, Ad Habraken, Toon Hoes and Jan van Rijthoven. They have played different albums full of their music and traveled to the United States where they performed in the Jazz District of New Orleans. Restaurant De Gulle Ark located in Oisterwijkse Gemullehoekenweg can be called their main base.

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