I will not allow Israel to become a discriminatory political issue in the United States

I will not allow Israel to become a discriminatory political issue in the United States

“I challenge any attempt to make the United States a discriminatory political issue in Israel and any attempt to make Israel a discriminatory political issue in the United States,” Bennett said at the U.S. Embassy event on July 4th.

Bennett took office only last month, and his short speech on a makeshift stand at the embassy was his first to the American public since becoming prime minister.

His predecessor, Benjamin Netanyahu, has often been accused of damaging bipartisan relations with the United States, particularly given his close relationship with former US President Donald Trump.

When Trump was in office, Jews who supported the Democrats accused him of betraying the Jewish people and Israel.

Bennett made it clear Tuesday that he is against neutral talk when it comes to US-Israel relations.

Our policy is twofold. We are all friends. The friendship between our democracy will always transcend party politics.”

His words came as hostility to Israel grew in the Democratic Party.

Israelis across the political spectrum are essentially pro-American. We love the United States. “We appreciate what you’re doing there,” Bennett said.

“This is how the United States should be compared to Israel,” Bennett said.

He had kind words for US President Joe Biden, who is expected to meet in Washington soon.

Biden “would be a great partner. Biden has always shown not only his commitment to the US-Israel alliance, but also his true love for the Jewish people, you can’t miss that, we appreciate that,” Bennett said.

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“We will work together. We will work with the new administration to strengthen our friendship and partnership,” Bennett said.

He noted his strong ties to the United States, especially since his parents were born and raised in San Francisco and his family is rooted in the country in the 1850s. Bennett said they came to California during the Gold Rush.

Speaking of his father Jim, he remembers being arrested by San Francisco police during a protest sit-in at a hotel over his failure to hire African Americans.

“I’ve always been proud that I fought for my father’s principles,” Bennett said.

He spoke in favor of the US alliance but said maintaining some independence was not the answer.

“We have eight different parties, left and right, Jews and Arabs,” Bennett said.

“Change is in the ambiance, which is a good thing,” Bennett said.

He was followed on stage by the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Gregory Meeks (D-NY), heading a bipartisan parliamentary delegation in Israel this week.

Mix Bennett had strong words for Israeli and American Jews.

We will join forces to make sure that Iran does not get in its way. Mix said.

The same statement was issued by Hamas, calling for the extension of the Abrahamic treaties until the Arab countries recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Meeks said the friendship and relationship between the United States and Israel will last forever.

“Those who advocate the destruction of Israel will see that justice, dignity and democracy will survive for a long time, and we will ensure that they are no longer on the path of a strong Jewish state,” he said.

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The gray-haired politician spoke about his personal relationship with the Jewish people and stated that he was the first African American to serve on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“I wouldn’t be standing here today if it wasn’t for my Jewish brothers and sisters with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will work together to make America a better place, turn it around and say we stand up for what’s right.”

“If it were not for my Jewish brothers and sisters who have the ideas and the ideas and the values ​​they hold, I would not be standing here today as a Member of Parliament. I am deeply indebted to my Jewish friends in Israel and around the world.

“People of color and Jews, we sometimes know how the world stands against you,” Meeks said. “We know what it means to be wronged, so it’s good to get together.”

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