Hysterical elation is at last mistake

Hysterical elation is at last mistake

After the success of the first two IncompetentMovies, now it’s time for the third and final. It is also full of music and joy.

Now also a pretty Youtuber has the lead role. You play Julia, who moved to Holland from the USA. In school it is called indecent: a person who does not fit any group. So she formed her own team. In collaboration with Nick and Sterre, the Misfits band started.

Live show

They start the school year well: With a standard contract in their pockets, they can perform in a major national live show. They start with confidence. But instead of a big breakthrough, it’s going to be a big drama. Sinister rival Babbitt caused everything to go wrong. It will be very difficult for the misfits to continue pursuing their dream.

Shiny pink

In order to follow the story, it is not necessary to see the first two parts first. It’s not that complicated. Julia is somewhat hysterical, but a pretty girl makes her so fat that she gets funny. You have to love the light pink and other colors of the rainbow, because this movie is coming off the screen. But this is not bad. Everyone can use a little joy during this time

Available now on Netflix

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