Hundreds of ATMs are permanently closed; The others remain closed at night

Hundreds of ATMs are permanently closed;  The others remain closed at night

More of these stores will open in the coming months. At the end of the year, there were about fifteen people across the country.

Not all stores have coin deposit vending machines. They will take up a lot of space, make a lot of noise and are difficult to empty. Coin deposit machines are often placed in hardware stores. Geldmaat’s website explains where to find these machines.

‘Banks Mission’

In Deventer, some entrepreneurs are unhappy with the fact that many vending machines have been replaced by Gelmatwinkels. “All vending machines in bank branches have been removed. People who want to go out or eat out can no longer get cash,” says Erwin Rowendal, a shop owner in Bruna. “Now they can go to Geldmaatwinkel until 10pm, but it’s on the edge of the center. A lot of people don’t know that or don’t know it. It’s an unfriendly situation for customers.”

In his shop there is a whipping machine to replace the automatic teller machines of banks. “If I had known beforehand how it would go, I would have thought about it three times. I have a lot of people in the store who don’t know how to handle their cards and money. We help them with love, but it is basically the job of the bank.”

For people who need help withdrawing funds, Geldmaat 321 has places in the Netherlands where people can get help with withdrawing funds. These places are available in Primera, Bruna and The Readshop stores.

KBO-PCOB for Seniors says personal contact is appreciated, but it’s not a complete replacement for bank branches that people used to go to for more services.

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