Humberto: Martien Meiland and Erica Renkema on the podcast “What a goééd!” miss?

Humberto: Martien Meiland and Erica Renkema on the podcast “What a goééd!”  miss?

Did you miss the Humberto broadcast? Humberto Tan started the summer edition of his daily talk show again Humberto. These are the guests for Friday, June 24th.

  • After their success streak Chateau Melland And the Chateau help De Meilandjes now has a very positive new podcast. within 5 days “How good!” At number one on the Spotify Podcast chart. On the table: Martin Melland And the Erica Rinkema

  • William Rotten The biggest stars on Earth have been photographed for 35 years. Oprah Winfrey, Al Pacino, Lady Gaga. Name a celebrity or William poses for the camera. In honor of his jubilee, the exhibition “Icons” can be seen from this weekend.

  • Nearly 50 years later, many women in the United States have made it nearly impossible to have an abortion, now that states are now allowed to decide for themselves. talk about it with Michael Voss And the Eric Mathan

  • Willem Holeder was also sentenced to life imprisonment on appeal. Is this the end of the era of Bolderbino’s? Saskia Bellman is moving.

  • A year ago it took Ramon Genton Guitar solo during an evening in the studio. At the time, he had no idea that he would end up on the record for one of the greatest artists of our time: Drake. Tonight Ramon will join Humberto

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