Huge wildfires in southern France and drought is not over yet

Huge wildfires in southern France and drought is not over yet

It occurs in several places in Europe. Spain and Greece have also been riddled with wildfires for weeks. Italy is very dry, so you have to be careful there too.

We focus on the situation in France. Yesterday a fire broke out in the region of Sevin, about 165 kilometers south of Lyon. Deep in the south of France, near Montpellier.

The flames quickly spread out of gratitude for the current drought. The strong winds increased the flames. More than 600 hectares have already been reduced to ash. In contrast: this is equivalent to 885 football fields.

Too dry

One hundred residents of the affected area were evacuated. In the town of Bordzyk, residents have to stay home for the time being; Roads are closed to normal traffic.

Thousands of firefighters are trying to contain the fire. Eighteen of them were slightly injured. On Twitter, he wishes the firefighters well who have to work hard.

There is also a massive fire near the city of Arles. It is not surprising, because due to the long drought, which began at the beginning of the year, it is now as dry in the south of France as it used to be at the beginning of August.

Weather gods don’t help

Expectations are clear: things will not get better. Philipe Schambergen of Buienradar: “Actually, rain is needed to calm these bushfires a little bit. But it won’t fall over that whole area next week.”

He continues, “The temperature is now between 30 and 35 degrees. Next week it will be much warmer, maybe above 35 degrees. So that doesn’t help either.”

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Then there’s the wind, another key ingredient in the entire wildfire cocktail. “The wind is blowing really hard now. From Monday it will be a bit calmer, and that will help the fire service. But the question is how important it is if it remains very dry and warm.”

The fire-ravaged Cevennes area is beautiful. Lots to do for tourists. Hiking in the mountains in the Cevennes Natural Park, is usually a great idea. But the massive wildfires, as the French media also call them, can of course throw a key in the works. Literally maybe, if you are camping in the area.

Tips from ANWB

The ANWB has a special page on its site, clearly titled: Forest Fire at Your Vacation Destination, What Now? Preparation is half the battle. If there is a fire near the hotel, cottage or camp, be sure to know where the escape routes are.

flight bag

And have a backpack ready with your important things. Your passport and bank cards, your insurance card, your phone charger, medication, car keys, and some food and drinks; Put everything into your “escape state”.

It’s always good to do, but especially with a forest fire nearby: check the news several times a day. Also, be sure to look at local or regional news and information websites and channels, which will keep a close eye on developments. This article describes, for example, the situation in Cevennes in detail.

Are you already in mice before you leave? Just contact the camp site or hotel. People there can better assess the situation. If it’s really better not to go, then you should work with your insurance company. If you don’t get your money back, a disaster fund can sometimes offer solace in the event of major wildfires.

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Don’t panic

And finally: is there a really serious problem? Listen to the local authorities. Don’t run away in a blind panic. Head toward a main road, a built-up area, or an area with no dense vegetation. And if you’re safe, your insurance company’s emergency center can help you even more.

An ANWB spokesperson said he was not called back yesterday or today, from the French region of Cévennes. But the holiday hasn’t started yet.”

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