Facebook’s European end appears to be a step closer after the Irish regulator’s decision


Business is getting “goose bumps”.

Ireland’s privacy watchdog has announced in a draft decision that the dead Facebook owner should halt data transfers between the European Union and the United States. This means that Meta services in Europe may end in the near future.

If the decision becomes final, the Irish privacy watchdog will order Facebook to stop transferring data to the United States. According to US website Politico, Europeans should consider blocking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram in Europe this summer.

Administrators from other countries still have one month to make a joint decision. So Facebook and Instagram services will likely end this summer, Politico wrote this week. According to Politico, when the Irish ruling becomes final, it will no longer be possible for companies to operate with so-called Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs). With this legal tool, many companies now individually arrange the transfer of personal data to the United States after the Privacy Shield expires.

According to Politico, if the Irish decision is also adopted by European regulators, it will likely cause ‘chills’ in the business community, which has been looking for ways to send data from the EU to the US since the privacy shield collapsed in 2020. . had become. At the moment, there is no enforcement by European privacy regulators, because negotiations on the new Privacy Shield are still ongoing. But these things have failed for the time being and an agreement seems out of reach at the moment.

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