Games on Linux: FAQ about the big games from the community

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Players who want to switch to Linux face many questions. What distribution should serve as a starting point for “playing under Linux”? What exactly is wine? What does a proton do exactly? What tools are needed? The Big Games FAQ from the ComputerBase Forum community is now generating answers.

In his detailed article “Frequently Asked Questions About Games” in the “Linux” sub-forum, ComputerBase reader “Kaito Kariheddo” answers all the relevant questions that inevitably arise when Linux is considered a serious gaming platform for today’s games.

Below, I would like to give an overview of the most frequently asked questions that arise in connection with gaming in Linux. I also look forward to receiving feedback and am happy to add more questions to the FAQ.

Kaito Karihido, a member of the community

The reader’s article, which will be expanded to include more categories in the future, answers the following initial questions on the topic of “Gaming on Linux”:

  • How do I know which games are running on Linux?
  • How can I play different games?
  • Do you need special tools to play on Linux?
  • What exactly does it take to play on Linux?
  • How can I improve performance on Linux?
  • How can I show FPS in games?
  • What distribution do I use to play?
  • What exactly does Proton do in Steam?
  • What is wine anyway?

Explicit notes are required

Questions, suggestions, as well as praise and criticism of the reader’s article in the comments to this letter and in the forum, as always, are expressly welcome.

from the community
  • Readers’ article “Frequently asked questions about games”

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