How to make your non-gamer friends love video games

How to make your non-gamer friends love video games

Finding non-video game friends can seem like a daunting task. Here are some tips.

Video game worlds provide an opportunity to escape and enjoy life without worries, but not everyone plays the games. That doesn’t mean they don’t like games or are not interested, though. They might never have had the opportunity to try it or were thrown into a game above their level. Or worse, they probably had to deal with a player in the backseat to tell them what to do, which is a quick way to stop someone.

Getting friends who aren’t playing video games might seem like a daunting task, but with these tips and tricks, it’s fun and relaxing for everyone involved – that’s honestly the point.

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Get started easily

Don’t throw new players into something with a large learning curve or multiple learning mechanisms. The Legend of Zelda: A Breath of the Wild It’s a great game, but maybe not for someone who isn’t good at using the camera controls or combat. If they play other games casually and understand the controls better, then a game like that is more applicable.

If it’s brand new, try a game with easy controls like inside or even Skyrim. This might sound an odd choice, but it’s a game where players can do things their own way and not every mechanic has to learn to have fun or succeed. It’s important not to put new players in a confusing or overly complicated title, so choose something flexible and fun.

Choose a game that suits their interests

It’s never fun to play a game that you don’t enjoy, so don’t do it with your friends. If they are not sure what they would like or don’t have a particular game in mind to try it, suggest something they like based on interests. If they want to read, try an RPG full of stories. Maybe they enjoy action movies and like FPS or action game.

Video games are available in a wide variety of genres and game modes, for casual and serious players alike. There is no need to impose an address on someone if they are not interested in them.

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Controller vs. keyboard

Friends who have never played a video game or tried only simple mobile games may feel overwhelmed by the keyboard, as they do not necessarily possess the player’s intuition. Choosing the platform might be as simple as what’s available, but if you have a PC and console, the controls are important. For someone who has never played a computer game or played it in a very long time, having a full keyboard feels like a lot of potential buttons. Even when most games use only a few main keys, there is a manual learning mode, which can be frustrating at first.

Fortunately, most PC games now also have controller inputs and are commonly compatible with at least Xbox consoles. While it might feel strange to hold in the beginning, the controllers are more comfortable, and the buttons are fewer and more easily accessible. The only major challenge is figuring out where the buttons are and what to do. It is an easier option for newcomers.

Step back

Don’t be a backseat player. This can be challenging for some, and if you are not sure what this means, here are some signs that you may be a backseat player: You are telling people where to go. You’re pointing out every secret and everything you know about a game you’ve already played, rather than letting someone else figure it out for themselves. You tell people how they should play.

It can be difficult to watch a completely new person spoil a simple hop or miss an obvious item, but everyone should start somewhere. Learning is part of the experience, so let the new players learn too. It is part of how they grow to enjoy games.

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Know when to be helpful

Backing off doesn’t necessarily mean no help at all. If a non-gamer gets stuck on something, it isn’t necessary to bypass them to offer help – and if they do ask, it’s definitely a good idea to help out however much possible.

It may be useful only to explain specific mechanisms. The crafting can be complicated and sometimes fights are written so players lose, but new players may not understand this. There is a fine line between being helpful and being arrogant; Communication is absolutely key.

Be encouraging

Celebrate victories – especially the little ones! When you have someone witness your accomplishments to five years old, it’s always a little sweeter. It also means that everyone is more likely to have a good time. Having someone by your side during your journey to the endgame, and enjoying the victories by your side, can make the whole experience more enjoyable.

There is always a time to lure someone into video games as long as they are willing to try. Just keep in mind that they might not do things the same way – that is Hassan Thing.

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