How Rich Is Kate Bush From Stranger Things 4?

stranger things 4 kate bush

Singer Kate Bush has topped the charts with her 1985 single “Running up that Hill” since the song appeared in Stranger Things 4. How Rich Is It?

Kate Bush broke into the charts with her 37-year-old song “Running in the Hill”. For example, Stranger Things 4 suddenly became number one on the Billboard Global 200 and was the most streamed song worldwide in the month of June. Not bad for a song Kate released in the ’80s.

The song “Running Over the Hill” can be heard several times this season of Stranger Things. For example, we see Max Mayfield (played by Sadie Sink) escaping from the upside-down world while Kate Bush blasts from the speakers.

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As a result, a whole new generation is discovering Kate Bush’s music. It suddenly became No. 1 in Norway and Austria. In the United States, the song reached the top five with No. 4 on the list. Kate Bush’s single wasn’t very high on the US charts.

All this success, of course, does not harm her. She didn’t have to do anything for it, just wait 37 years. Now the money can flow. And it is, because while many artists are selling their rights to secure their retirement, build their own theme park or simply to pay for their addiction, Kate Bush still owns her own music entirely.

Their Noble & Bright Company is the rightful owner of the music and lyrics. Distribution solely in the hands of a third party, Warner Music Group. So she did her job well.

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57 million streams worldwide in one week

This means that the singer collects the majority of royalties for the use and broadcast of “Running up that Hill”. Perhaps more than 80 per cent if the agreement with Warner is not out of the ordinary.

At the beginning of June, the song reached 57 million streams worldwide in one week on Spotify alone. That alone would be good for about $200,000 in royalties in one week, according to

This excludes other music players and digital and physical sales of her single. Don’t forget the radio broadcast. Kate Bush is the only songwriter and performer to have the credits, so that’s 100 percent for her. Plus what Netflix has of course relayed to use the track.

Short and cute: How rich is Kate Bush from Stranger Things 4? very rich. Although we probably didn’t need to feel sorry for her. Stranger Things 4 vol 2 will be released on Netflix on Friday and you can open the faucet a little.

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