Hospitals will also give 1 million shots per week

Hospitals will also give 1 million shots per week

About sixty Dutch hospitals will receive injection sites for the vaccination campaign as of the end of May. This confirms the National Acute Care Network (LNAZ). News Hour. A spokesman said the intention is for hospitals to put one million shots per week mainly on “healthy young men”.

In April, Public Health Minister Hugo de Jong reported that 2.5 million injections should be taken every week starting in May. GGDs account for 1.5 million of this. Other syringes will be placed by hospitals.

“We are busy preparing for this,” says a LNA spokesperson. “In principle, a prick could be done from the end of May, if all vaccine deliveries went well, of course.” In the coming weeks, between 800,000 and 1.2 million vaccines will be delivered every week to the Netherlands. Currently, about 800,000 shots are taken every week.

Additional options

According to LNAZ, hospitals will look for quiet moments before the holidays, for example on weekends. It is expected that there will be sufficient personnel for this purpose, despite the busy hospitals with Covid-19 patients. “Nurses or students in particular will have an injection under the medical supervision of a doctor. It’s not a complicated process.” There will be training sessions in various hospitals at the end of next week.

Hospitals themselves do not invite people. Everyone receives the same message via RIVM and can make an appointment online. Hospital locations are then shown as additional options on the screen. Until now, hospitals were mainly involved in vaccinating their staff and patients.

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Hospital use is part of the vaccination strategy. Earlier, the Ministry of Health stated that in addition to 140 GGD injection sites and general practitioners, hospitals will also play an important role.

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