Hospitals also fear energy bills: ‘serious consequences for care’

Hospitals also fear energy bills: 'serious consequences for care'

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Hospitals are sounding the alarm about the energy costs they have to deal with. The Dutch Association of Hospitals (NVZ) is appealing to politicians for their financial support. Caregiving is under severe pressure.

“The situation threatens to become really unacceptable for many hospitals,” says Melkert, president of NVZ. For the current year, the increase is estimated at 43 percent compared to last year, but in 2023 they expect an average increase of 175 percent compared to 2021.

The numbers come from a new calculation by Intrakoop, the organization that concludes energy contracts for hospitals. Hospitals say the increase is unsustainable, as they also, according to their recently concluded integrated care agreement, face significant commitments in appropriate care, digitalization and sustainability.

NOS op 3 answers frequently asked questions about your high energy bill in this video:

450 euros for your energy bill. How?!

NVZ is also concerned about the large number of vacancies in hospitals. That’s more than 47,000, about 30 percent more than last year. According to hospitals, more financial room is needed in order to be able to offer higher wages, which it does not exist.

tough choices

In a letter to the House of Representatives, hospitals are asking to be eligible for an allowance for energy costs, as are also the case with citizens. If this does not happen, difficult choices will have to be made and there could be serious consequences for healthcare, NVZ warns.

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