Holland threatens Portugal despite French relegation: still better than ’21/22′

Holland threatens Portugal despite French relegation: still better than '21/22'

Will they pirate it in Portugal yet? The lab points continue to flow for the Netherlands, who week after week have a higher chance of being among the top six in Europe at the start of next season. That could lead to an additional European ticket in 2024. In the short term, we can cherish the top spot for this season.

Ajax opened the ball in the Champions League this week and earned 0.400 points for the Netherlands with a resounding victory over Borussia Dortmund. However, combined PSG and Lille OSC each get half a point for France – two points for PSG’s win over RB Leipzig, and one point for Lille’s draw against Sevilla, divided by six equals 0.500 – and Portugal can add two-thirds (0.667), because FC Porto and Sporting Portugal won the European Champions League.

The Netherlands managed the European League and Conference League evening fine: Feyenoord, Vitesse and Arizona also contributed 0.400 in total. Portugal can only contribute to Sporting Braga’s win by 0.333. The only drawback of this evening was the defeat of PSV Eindhoven against Monaco, as a result of which France again managed to slightly overpower the Netherlands. But if we look at the hypothetical schedule for next season, the Netherlands has once again nibbled 0.600 points from its deficit against Portugal.

Lab ranking sub-rank in 2022/2023 (default mode)
5- France 581 36
6- Portugal 36,550
7- Holland 35200

For completeness: This is what the current top fifteen of the modulus of order looks like. At the moment, the Netherlands are at a considerable distance from France and Portugal, but after this season they have to hand over much less points than these two countries, and therefore are increasingly catching up.

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The current top fifteen of the lab ranking
1. England 92355 (6,714) (7/7)
2- Spain 83998 (6285) (7/7)
3- Italy 66902 (5714) (7/7)
4- Germany 64927 (5982) (7/7)
5- France 48,081 (6,416) (6/6)
6 – Portugal 46.216 (5.750) (4/6)
7. Netherlands 38100 (8000) (5/5)
8- Austria 050 34 (600 5) (4/5)
9- Scotland 32100 (3100) (2/5)
10. Russia 31682 (2500) (3/5)
11- Ukraine 31000 (4003) (3/5)
12 – Sevic 29.125 (5.250) (2/4)
13. Belgium 28,600 (4,600) (4/5)
14- Switzerland 27425 (5500) (2/4)
15. Croatia 24,900 (3750) (1/4)
(In parentheses the result of this season and the number of European representatives)

Moreover, the Netherlands retained its position in the 2021/2022 standings, occupied at the end of September: “We” are still the best performing European country this season. England saw six of their seven representatives win, but the Netherlands still had a sufficient margin thanks to Ajax, Feyenoord, Arizona and Vitesse: 8000 to 6,714.

The top five places in the 2021/2022 standings
1. Holland 8000
2. England 6.714
3. France 6,416
4. Spain 6,285
5. Germany 5,928,200

Source: Bert Kassis

(Hein Nooijens / VoetbalPrimeur)

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