Antifa fights each other and calls the police | Abroad

Antifa fights each other and calls the police |  Abroad

When Shawn Lopez learned that Antifa companion Camilo Massagli and his girlfriend needed accommodation, he made a room in his house available for the couple. The only condition he set was that Masagli and his wife would have to keep things in order. The guests had a lot of trouble with it and soon it led to a fight.

Then Massagli took “the law” into his own hands and decided to squat in Lopez’s house. Lopez did not like it, so he tried to drive away his guests with gentle force. Then Massagli called the police, but they decided in favor of Lopez.


The anti-fascist homeowner has now lost his disturbing guests, but he’s still simmering, according to a long Twitter thread. He writes, “You crossed a line by threatening me in my apartment.” “Two white people can’t force a Mexican man off his property, which helps them because they are messy. Peace and I hope you get help.”

The issue was posted by Antifa Watch Any Ngo. On Twitter, he noted that anarchists reject the whole concept of the rule of law.

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