Formula 1 GP US weather forecast for 2021

Formula 1 GP US weather forecast for 2021

Summer is still in full swing in the southern US and it will be hot in Austin all weekend. The chance of showering is very small and you probably won’t be using rain tires. During his free workout sessions, he stays very dry and warm. During qualifying and the race it’s hot again, but there’s also very little chance of a shower. The higher humidity will make it hotter for Max Verstappen and his colleagues.

The first free practice will take place on Friday morning and after that it will be “only” 28 degrees. The temperature rises in the afternoon and can be called very warm 34 degrees. During qualifying on Saturday it will be hot and humid so the drivers and mechanics will be sweating on the pit lane. You are more likely to remain dry, but in the evening there is a slightly more chance of taking a shower.

Rain during the Grand Prix isn’t entirely out of the question, but it’s unlikely. With a ten percent chance of rain, it’s likely to remain dry in Austin on Sunday. During the race it is again warm with a maximum temperature of around 34 degrees. The runway in Circuit Of The Americas gets hotter and the tires will wear out faster.

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