Hoekstra ’embarrassed’ by violations of tax authorities | Currently

Hoekstra 'embarrassed' by violations of tax authorities |  Currently

The minister said on Sunday’s TV program that the outgoing finance minister and CDA leader Wopky Hoekstra is “embarrassed” by the list of violations of the law committed by the Tax and Customs Administration. Boettenhof.

The list of violations was sent to the House of Representatives on Friday.

“Unfortunately, it fits with what we learned a year and a half ago,” says Hoekstra. Work is being done “with full force” to solve the problems that have highlighted the childcare allowance relationship. “But I think you also have to be very honest that you cannot promise that it will be a thing of the past.”

Christian Democrat MP Peter Umtzigt, who, along with Socialist Party member Rinsky Liegen, had played a major role in uncovering the case, requested the list. The Tax and Customs Administration has gone beyond decision-making periods, has acted in breach of privacy legislation, and made decisions without or with little motive.

Documents were withheld from citizens and judges, and it became unnecessarily difficult for parents to prove their entitlement to the benefits, and the benefits were stopped or recovered without prior investigation.

According to Hoekstra, it is horrific how the victims of this case “ended up under the wheels of the government”.

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