Hod pun begins the establishment of needy families

Hod pun begins the establishment of needy families

June 5, 2021 – 4:20 pm – World


After years of living in the United States, Moroccan-Dutch actress and entrepreneur Toure Haoud has returned to the Netherlands. Following the story of Hammouche, a homeless father and his three young children, she and two influential figures set up a new foundation to help families in need.

Hod’s pun was deeply affected by the case of Hammouche, father of The Hague and his children. When I read their story a few days ago, she immediately announced that she wanted to take action to help them. After consulting with Victoria University journalist and lecturer Sakina Al-Kiohi and recruiter and vlogger Donia Makour, I came to the conclusion that a framework was needed that would make it possible to help more people in similar situations. They set up YouRprotected so they can do this.

The municipality of The Hague has now arranged temporary accommodation for the family in a hotel, and structural accommodation is also being sought. The pun says a basin in ad. “We make sure the money really goes to the kids. We want to give them a future.”

Soraya Basin sees it as appalling for 6, 7 and 10 year olds sleeping on the street. She herself is involved in a custody case for her three children and wants to prevent the children from becoming victims of divorce or the loss of a parent.

“With the money we raise, we will try to help everyone,” she says. Along with influencers, Haoud wants to use her fame for various charities. “The three of us have our own program through which we can help people. My father used to be a social worker in Utrecht, and then I also helped him put people who had problems.”

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