HBO Max won’t be appearing in the Netherlands soon

HBO Max won't be appearing in the Netherlands soon


The streaming service is coming to Europe this year in several countries including Spain, Finland and Denmark. It was very surprising that Holland was not among them. The Netherlands has already been used as a “testing country” for many streaming services, so we were the first to have many here.

It was now believed that the streaming service would arrive in the Netherlands in 2022, when it will be rolled out to a number of other European countries. It now appears that the Netherlands and Belgium are not among them. The streaming service will be launched in countries such as Portugal, Poland and Hungary.

As a result, the Netherlands and Belgium seem to have been skipped for the time being. HBO Max could certainly come to Holland and Belgium in the future, because even after the second wave of European countries, WarnerMedia’s plan is to continue in other countries, but the company is clearly in no hurry when it comes to our cold little country.

HBO Max will make a big difference

If HBO comes to the Netherlands, it will cause a landslide in the broadcasting world. Several HBO shows are currently available on Ziggo GO, including Game of Thrones. There are also a number of series from the channel on Netflix. This will all carry over to HBO Max, when the Ziggo and Netflix rights to the series expire. So fans of these shows will soon turn. This gives Netflix a major contender.

HBO Max doesn’t look like a cheap streaming service, like Amazon Prime Video, for example. In the US, the subscription costs $14.99 per month without ads and $9.99 with ads.

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