HBO Max gets a cheaper version with ads and without direct movies

HBO Max gets a cheaper version with ads and without direct movies

HBO Max is a relatively expensive streaming service. At the same time, you will be getting the latest cinematic films from Warner Bros. over there. In contrast (think movies like Godzilla vs. Kong and The Matrix 4), as well as HBO’s full lineup.

But Warner Bros. He seems to realize that some people think the $ 14.99 they’re now paying for the streaming service is a bit high. Hence there will be a cheaper version of the streaming service.

With commercials and without movies
The idea of ​​Warner Bros. He is making this subscription a little cheaper. In contrast, Americans will see commercials and new Warner Bros. Can’t be seen on HBO Max (The Spotlight?) Directly with the cinema release.

It is unclear if this subscription model will arrive in Europe. We know it’s set to be launched in 21 countries in Europe this year, but WarnerMedia hasn’t announced it. Additionally, the press release talks about a new subscription model in the US.

Incidentally, those commercials can’t be seen throughout the HBO series itself. So no need to expect an announcement mid-episode of game of Thrones From The Soprano. The cheapest version will be launched in the US in June.

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