HBO Documentary The Janes Gives An Important Warning Sign

HBO Documentary The Janes Gives An Important Warning Sign

Last May, America plunged into turmoil over a leaked document stating that the US Supreme Court ruling in a case Raw vs. Wade to cancel the lawsuit. In 1973, this ruling determined that women in the United States had the right to have an abortion (in the Netherlands this has only been the case since 1984). Prolife organizations have been trying to take this right away from American women for 50 years – and now it appears they are one step closer to achieving their goal. In this regard, comes the documentary jeans (2022) At a very opportune moment: he showed the twists and turns that American women had to pressure to terminate pregnancies until the 1970s. From the opening scene, horror stories of negotiations with the mafia, appointments in dirty motels, and doctors with outstretched hands fly in your ears. Most egregious was the brutal treatment to which women were sometimes subjected; Many of them ended up in the hospital due to medical complications, sometimes even dying.

Twelve young women from Chicago had had enough in the late 1960s: in 1969 they set up a clandestine abortion practice under the petty name “Jane.” Until 1972, they helped about 11,000 women obtain safe abortion, women who first accessed it through flyers and advertisements in underground newspapers (‘pregnant? call jin), and then by word of mouth, which even included general practitioners with desperate patients.

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