Hayley Williams of Paramore notes that former band mates have anti-gay beliefs

Hayley Williams

Paramore head Hayley Williams suggested that former members of the group were asked to leave due to their anti-gay beliefs, and they told LGBTQ + fans that they were in love.

Williams wrote on Twitter earlier today, “There’s a reason there are only 3 people in Paramore. Surprise, hate, that’s not a reason for me. Paramore doesn’t condone religious / political belief beliefs that leave LGBTQ + friends, fans, and family feeling abandoned and desperate.”

And the singer added, “And you know, if that doesn’t satisfy you, feel free to go where all of the former members of Paramore have gone which is literally anywhere other than Paramore.”

“To Paramore’s LGBTQ + family … you are full of love and you are in love.”

Williams did not specifically mention any former members of the band by name, although a large number of comments below Williams’ post indicated that they may refer to founding member Josh Farrow.

Farrow left the group with his brother Zack again in 2010. In a blogging, Josh Farrow described the group as “a manufactured product of a major brand”. Zack will continue returning to the band in 2017, while Josh started the eponymous band Farro.

The only other member to have left the band in a long time is founding guitarist Jeremy Davis, who left in 2015.

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