Has Clarice been canceled despite the request for a second season?

Has Clarice been canceled despite the request for a second season?

Clarice may not be getting a second season after all and the curtain is already falling.

There may not be a second season Clarice. The action series takes place in 1993, a year after the events of the film Silence of the Lambs It follows Clarice Starling, who uncovers a grand conspiracy.

The series did not get well watched on CBS. But they’re still asking for a second season, especially because they’re supposedly convinced that the series can find a large audience. To prevent a behind-the-scenes conflict between the production companies, it now appears that the series may get a second season.

What is going on?
a series Clarice It has not been officially canceled, so let this be the first. But there appears to be a financial struggle between CBS Studios/Paramount+ and MGM Studios. They produce the series together.

In May, it was announced that MGM Studios had decided to move away from the negotiating table. That’s because MGM has taken over the studio, and they don’t want the series to move to Paramount+.

The issues could still be resolved, with MGM potentially allocating less money to the series. And maybe they decide Clarice For example, make it available outside the US on Amazon Prime Video and within the US only on Paramount+.

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