“Harry Potter” star Jesse How to give birth to baby # 3


The 33-year-old actress who played Lavender Brown in the glamorous movie franchise welcomed a new addition to her growing family with boyfriend Alfie.

Ice Showbiz – an actress Jesse how She is the mother of three children after having a baby.

The star, 33, who played Lavender Brown inHarry PotterFilms, she announced that she welcomed her son Abraham on Instagram, revealing that he is “in a neonatal unit but he’s a strong boy.”

“Abraham Pam Benjamin… Our baby was born in the early hours of yesterday morning, just 40 minutes after the sack of water was broken,” she wrote alongside a picture of herself carrying the box in her hospital bed.

“Somewhat extreme but his kicks were extreme throughout my pregnancy! This was a completely different experience from my first two births … it was more humble, terrifying and out of my control.”

“We are currently in the neonatal unit but he is a strong boy and it is the safest place for him now. The midwives (Magda and Daisy), the doctors and the neonatal nurses were wonderful (the first to greet us was our name in the ward Rosaria and she was very reassuring).”

Jesse added, “Thank you for all the cosmic good wishes. Thanks to alfiebrowncomedian for being so cool (again) and taking this photo in the seconds after his birth and just moments before taking him out of our arms.”

The actress concluded, saying, “Frankly, one of the most difficult moments in my life … I hope he will be with us soon and it will be more perfect.” “Great love and respect for all mothers who went through the neonatal unit before us with us.”

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Jesse and her comedian boyfriend Alfie are also parents of Donnie, five, and daughter Margot, three.

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