Harry and Meghan have split from the PR firm, and are now going to do it themselves

Harry and Meghan have split from the PR firm, and are now going to do it themselves

If the past few years have shown anything, it is that the world of celebrity cannot be compared to the world of the royal family. Now that the Sussex brand isn’t going well, Harry and Meghan have decided to cut the partnership with Sunshine Sachs, the PR firm that represented Meghan when she was still acting.

It’s a great move, because employee Kelly Thomas Morgan in particular has done so much for them. For example, I made sure that the move to the United States was going smoothly. “All of her influencer contacts have moved them from her address book,” an insider told Passport. “It helped them tremendously in finding a home and making deals with big companies like Netflix and Spotify. The deals they needed to make ends meet, given the fact that they were no longer getting money from the monarchy.”

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What the Sunshine Sachs failed to do was turn the couple into some famous world leaders in the style of Obama. And this is due in large part to Harry and Meghan themselves: they are not very productive, not very open to advice and not easy to deal with, judging by the stories of former employees.

Given that a PR agency doesn’t work for free, taking their PR into their own hands and running their own Archewell corporation isn’t a bad idea. First of all, it saves costs. Meghan is a stylized, sleep-inducing official, but she’s previously shown that she can handle words with her blog The Tig – if she takes it a little more personally, she can become an even bigger influence than Kim Kardashian. And since they all know pretty well anyway, this could be a way to take back “control of their story”.

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There is no superfluous luxury, with Harry’s soon-to-be memoirs and a flurry of Al Windsor biographies, in which neither Harry nor Meghan appear very favorably. Now that Queen Elizabeth is gone, the Sussex family has lost its relevance (and let’s face it, the family reunion wasn’t a celebration of reconciliation). By setting their own path, they could prove that they could still realize their plans, based on their own strength, and that was what they had always been about.

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