Spain coach leaves protesting footballers all at home: ‘We are embarrassed all over the world’ Sports

Spain coach leaves protesting footballers all at home: 'We are embarrassed all over the world' Sports

boycott 15 playersSpain coach Jorge Velda presented his selection for the friendly match against Sweden (October 7) and the United States (October 11). Spain will play in those matches without the 15 players who no longer want to play for the national team as long as Filda is the national coach, but he and the Spanish federation are not showing any understanding.

“I am happy with all the messages of support I’ve received over the past week, because I don’t wish that for anyone. The most frustrating thing is the lack of clarity in the message. When I read the players message, I was confused because I don’t know what they’re asking for. I wish there was clarity. And they came out to speak clearly. I’d prefer they told me in person and I’m sure we wouldn’t be in that situation. This afternoon at a 53-minute press conference in Las Rozas, Madrid, where the Spanish team’s training center is located, I am available 24 hours a day,” Velda said this afternoon. For players if there are any problems.

We are always open to dialogue. All the workouts are being recorded and I’ll be fine with it all being broadcast live. Is there a lack of dialogue? Sure, but not from our side.”

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Velda shows little understanding for players who no longer want to play under him. “We are embarrassed all over the world. It hurts me personally, but also for Spanish football in general and women’s football in particular, this is too bad. It seems that all the good work in the last few years has been in vain. Or have I thought about quitting myself? No “Not a moment. That’s not what the players are asking for in their message, and that’s what makes it so strange. The period ahead is going to be tough, but I’m sure the good times will come,” said Vilda, who still had the 15 players available for the international fixtures period at the beginning of September. Once again.” Spain then qualified for the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Vilda was asked what he expected from the next international match. On Monday, it will turn 23 players, a large part of them Real Madrid players. On Monday, we will see how the atmosphere will be with the next players. I know they would love to wear the Spanish shirt. Wearing the Spain shirt is the greatest pride you can have. It is a privilege and always will be. We will create an atmosphere of harmony, sportsmanship and even a family atmosphere. The players are happy and want to fight for their country. Such was the atmosphere in the two weeks leading up to the European Championships, but when Alexia Butillas and Jennifer Hermoso were injured, the atmosphere changed completely. “I don’t really understand,” said Velda, who saw his team lose to later European champions England in the European Championship quarter-finals after extra time.

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France Press agency

The 15 players who no longer wish to play under Felda are Mabe Leon, Patre Guigaro, Claudia Pena, Etana Ponmatti, Mario Caldente, Sandra Banos (all Barcelona), Ainhoa ​​Moraza, Lola Gallardo (Atletico Madrid), Neria Izaguirre, Amayor Sarrighi (Real Sociedad), Laya Alexandre, Leila Wahabi (Manchester City), Una Battelli, Lucia Garcia (Manchester United) and Andrea Pereira (FC America from Mexico). According to them, Vilda’s training methods are outdated and will affect their emotional and physical health.

The names of captains Irene Paredes, Alexia Butillas and Jennifer Hermoso were not listed with the players who signed the letter, but they were not called up either. In Putellas’ case, that makes sense, as she was out of circulation for a long time after suffering a serious knee injury the day before the European Championships in England. Hermoso also had to miss the European Championships due to injury.

The Spanish Federation did not show any understanding. Players who sent the email are only allowed to play for the national team again if they “accept their mistake and ask for forgiveness”. The union described the refusal to attend as a “very serious violation that could lead to a suspension of two to five years.”

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