Interim Referee FNV/CNV vs XPO/GXO September 14, 2022

Interim Referee FNV/CNV vs XPO/GXO September 14, 2022

Therefore, FNV and CNV will:

  • All employees who are subject to court proceedings will receive a letter.
  • Below you will find the text of the letter as well as the preliminary ruling of September 14, 2022.
  • FNV and CNV will organize meetings for members so we can explain what the court means to people and answer questions. These meetings are likely to take place in November and/or December.

On behalf of the East Brabant District Court, FNV and CNV inform you of the following:

Trade unions FNV and CNV are conducting proceedings before the East Brabant District Court to ensure continued participation in Stichting Bedrijfstakpensioenfonds voor de Beroepsvervoer by land for employees employed by XPO Supply Chain in the lead up to 1 July 2019. Netherlands BV (formerly: ND Logistics BV) and/or XPO Supply Chain Netherlands II BV (formerly: TD Holding BV) which joined XPO Supply Chain Netherlands III BV on July 1, 2019 (since June 28, 2022 called: GXO Logistics Netherlands III BV)

GXO Logistics Netherlands III BV has provided a defense against this claim by unions that participation in Pensioenfonds Vervoer has ended and that, in close consultation with the Works Council, it has come up with a new action plan, a blueprint for the employees involved to include participation in the new era pension scheme.

This procedure is called “teamwork”. FNV and CNV were appointed by the court as exclusive representatives.

If you would like more information about this teamwork, please contact

FNV Tel: 0800 0225022 or CNV 030 7511570 or call (former) employer phone 06-83141958.

Do not share or share

If you belong to the group of people that FNV and CNV stand for and think it’s good that FNV and CNV also represent your interests, then you don’t need to do anything.

If you do not want your interests to be represented in these proceedings by the FNV and CNV, you can notify the Oost-Brabant County Court. You are therefore not bound by the decision in this case, but you cannot derive any rights from it either.

If you do not have a place of residence or residence in the Netherlands, the class action will not affect your interests. If you would like FNV and CNV to also represent your interests in these proceedings, you may report this to the East Brabant District Court.

If you do not wish to have your interests represented in these group proceedings, or if you do not have a place of residence or residence in the Netherlands and wish to also represent your interests, please send a letter to:

East Brabant District Court
Civil and Commercial Affairs Team,
PO Box 90155

You can do this until January 12, 2023

You can use the following script for this:

“I do not want my interests to be represented in the collective work of FNV and CNV (Case/Role No. C/01/376278/HA ZA 21-775) and wish to be freed from that.”


“I have no place of residence or residence in the Netherlands, but I agree that my interests will be represented in the collective work of the FNV and CNV (case/role No. C/01/376278/HA ZA 21-775).”

Referee September 14, 2022

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