Harry and Meghan finally split from the British royal family

Harry and Meghan finally split from the British royal family

Harry recently had several conversations with his grandmother Elizabeth about his role in the family. After these conversations, the Queen stated in writing that Harry and Meghan’s wishes were inconsistent with responsibilities and duties associated with the duties of members of the British royal family. Buckingham Palace announced that it had subsequently been decided that Harry and his wife would not return as “active members” of the royal family.

It lost honorary titles and associated duties

Harry and Meghan now have to hand over all of their honorary titles. This means that the prince also loses his military titles and associated duties.

Honorary titles issued belong to Queen Elizabeth and are redistributed to serving members of the British royal family.

Financially independent from the royal family

Harry and Meghan announced last year that they want to distance themselves from the British royal family. The couple also immediately said that they would not use the title Her Royal Highness / Her Highness, and expressed their desire to become financially independent of the royal family.

The Duke and Duchess retained their honorary titles and agreed with Buckingham Palace to review the agreements a year later. Harry and Meghan first moved to Canada with their son Archie and later moved to the United States in search of more privacy. Meanwhile, the two struck lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify, among others.

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