Halo TV loses its show after only one season

Halo TV loses its show after only one season

More than once, the production of games modified films has major problems. For example, Mass Effect never came, Uncharted has been delayed over the years, and the Halo TV series has been in the works for at least eight years. However, in 2022, the series will finally launch on streaming service Paramount+, a few months after Halo Infinite was released.

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If the series is successful and deserves a second season, production will be in big trouble. Various reports state that Halo TV show host Stephen Kane will be retiring after the first season. Kane has been in Budapest for production for the past two years and wants to return to the US for “personal reasons”.

Not the first model to leave

Kane’s departure isn’t the first time Halo TV has lost a showrunner so early. Initially, Stephen Kane was a co-model. He will lead the project with Kyle Killen. Before production had just begun, Killen had already left.

Since ViacomCBS has already invested a lot of money in the project, it is likely that there will also be a second season of the Halo series. So it will be important to find a new viewer and this time we hope to stay a little longer.

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