Hague turmoil over the Orange scandal: Did this woman let Maxima’s secret go away?

Hague turmoil over the Orange scandal: Did this woman let Maxima's secret go away?

Little publicity is given to the recent decision by Justice and Security Minister Dylan Yesilgos (45). She said that the file relating to the course of events surrounding the wrongful arrest of Transavia pilot Julio Boc (70 years) will remain closed and unlocked. A decision that could provide great comfort to our oranges, and especially to Maxima.


As Storey previously reported, the Dutch state could have been behind Poch’s arrest in Spain, to save Maxima another scandal involving her father Jorge. Fact: Julio’s silence was bought by the Dutch state exactly a year ago through a financial settlement with him. However, the facts seem to be on the surface. Minister Fred Graberhaus, 62, promised to send the full archive of the Michaels Committee – which investigated the case – to the House of Representatives and so it will be published. And his successor as Minister of Justice and Security, Dylan Yeşilkoz, is now suddenly back to that! Her argument: “Providing the archive could have far-reaching consequences for many stakeholders, as a result of which they will be in a disproportionate position.”

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Note: You did not explain in detail the question why this is so. But this question appears to have been answered. The Machels Commission itself had earlier concluded that an attempt to influence the royal house “may have occurred”. The members of the House of Representatives also refuse to accept the attempt to conceal the truth. They are looking to see if they can still show the full archive. If it works, well-known lawyer couple Geert Jean and Carrie Nobbs will be pleased. They fought for years for justice for Julio, who was wrongly imprisoned in an Argentine dungeon for eight years. They managed to release him in 2017.

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Mr. Gert Jan Knobs is very surprised by the current Minister’s decision. He tells the story: ‘It may be assumed that before this obligation was made, Mr. Grapperhaus and his staff had examined these archival documents without reason to agree that they could be presented to the Chamber. It is therefore not correct under constitutional law for the incumbent Minister to forbid it, in light of this earlier obligation. That there is now a “disproportionate defect” of some of the persons appearing in these documents is quite remarkable to say the least, because it has not been proven by Mr. Grapperhaus. However, what is to be understood from this is still not entirely clear, but it leads to the suspicion that some people or bodies still need protection that seems to have something to hide. Story also contacted the Ministry of Justice and Security. Their response: “We can’t say anything more than what is actually in the letter. When we say something about his identity, we disproportionately deny those involved.”

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