Gymshark success explained | sports

Gymshark success explained |  sports


Gymshark has a profile Familiarity with the client Like strategy. It is essential to know everything about and about your target group and to create the right value proposition by responding intelligently. Service is also a very important part of Gymshark’s business strategy. For example, in 2015, the Gymshark web store was not available on Black Friday. Little drama on Gymshark’s biggest sale day of the year, but Ben Francis decides to write a handwritten personal letter of apology and a voucher to all the 2,500 customers who couldn’t place their orders that day. In this way, trust and sales are instantly restored. After the website crashed in 2015, more investments were made in the website and the technology around it so that every touch point in the customer journey is experienced as excellent by the customer. Happy customers are essential to Gymshark. The customer journey and an excellent customer experience is fundamental to this. That’s why Gymshark consciously chose to keep sales and distribution in their own hands as competitors like Nike and adidas deal with’3rd partyRetailers such as ASOS and Amazon.

Gymshark also participates socially. At the start of the lockdown, a fundraising drive was organized with personal trainers who were out of work at home for the National Health Service (UK public health system). With the help of the gymshark workout app, the #NHSsweatyselfie campaign has raised over €200,000.

Social media is one of the most important parts of Gymshark’s strategy. Lots of content is being shared across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok, about the growth and development that Gymshark is going through. Unique insight is given into the business processes and the steps being taken. The unique and transparent way of communicating makes customers feel like they are part of Gymshark themselves. The content is of high quality, which is essential for building the community among the target group and building a strong brand. As founder, Ben Francis leads by example by telling his unique story and taking followers back to what his days looked like through his own YouTube channel, which has 221,000 followers. Interacts with the target group by holding regular question-and-answer sessions. He also uses his YouTube channel to share news and share his own “journey”.

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Gymshark is not only active on the internet. The company is also building the offline community by organizing hit meetups, exhibitions and pop-up stores where fans can meet their favorite influencers and enjoy the traditional way of shopping. Each event is announced via social media weeks in advance.

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