Growing discontent with crowded short trains: “What a madness”

Growing discontent with crowded short trains: "What a madness"

But according to NS, it’s generally not bad with orchestrators worried about crowds. A spokesman said yesterday, “Otherwise I would have received it.”

Today spokeswoman Anita Middelkoop said NS is aware of signs that it “may be busier on some trains”. She stressed that the weather conditions associated with the collision accidents this morning led to problems. Making the trains longer is not that easy, as the keys sometimes freeze in the aforementioned “fixing areas”. “This is actually a job for ProRail, but you can assume they also work with all their might.”

‘You really should dig the path’

This is confirmed by Aldert Baas of ProRail. He says they still have a lot of work to do because of last weekend’s mix of cold and snow. “These are very difficult conditions. While we were busy clearing the lane, it snowed on the switches again.”

“On the roads, you can sometimes clear a lot of meters of snow with a simple brush truck, but you really have to dig the track. Then it comes down to 7,000 kilometers of track.”

In the Netherlands, do we have to accept the fact that trains cannot run or only run slowly in such conditions? “I want to emphasize that we find it very upsetting, we are doing everything we can and we understand that people are tired of this,” Baas first wants to add, adding that you will have to transform the ‘infrastructure’ if you have this failure of trains.

Like Switzerland for example? “This is the comparison of apples to pears. There you really see sometimes trains with a cogwheel in the middle, but the railroads are built where they are. It’s the comparison of apples to pears. There are, for example, many snow days, where so it’s not true that they have no problems.” In other countries. “

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