Grosjean defends Netflix after Verstappen criticism: ‘It was made in an American style’

Grosjean defends Netflix after Verstappen criticism: 'It was made in an American style'

employment Carlos Sainz Also now, former F1 driver Romain Grosjean has joined the discussion on the Netflix series campaign to survive. Max Verstappen previously expressed Criticize the series, which he believes essentially creates drama where it is not. According to Grosjean, this is due to the American style of the documentary, and the series has helped increase F1’s fan base. He admits that the series is not always a friend of all drivers – including himself.

Grosjean appears regularly throughout the series, but not always in the most flattering way. “Season one was very difficult for me,” he says. RTL. ‘I didn’t look. The next two seasons were even nicer, especially because of my crash in Bahrain of course.” Grosjean admits that the series was put together in an “American” way: “Lots of special effects and sound effects.”

Despite his own experience with the series, the current IndyCar driver is very pleased with the impact campaign to survive. “The series is great because it opened up F1 to people who didn’t really know it. As a result, our fan base has grown. He seems to be right. Attendance numbers for the US Grand Prix have grown significantly since its inaugural season. campaign to survive With about 400,000 spectators last weekend. Grosjean said: “This is great for Formula 1!”

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