Green eggs and ham S02E01: Nostalgia prevail

Green eggs and ham S02E01: Nostalgia prevail

The second season of Green eggs and ham – which is loosely based on the book Butter Battle book (1984) by Dr. Seuss – happily picks up where Season 1 left off. But first we welcomed the voiceover (Kegan Michael Key): “Nice to see you.” The episode begins with an old pop song in which Yola sings about “New Beginnings.” And that talk a little later about “James Bunding” is not surprising, since we see a mysterious figure on a mission in the lab. But more on that later, the voiceover sighs. First, let’s see what Sam-I-Am (Adam DeVine) will do.

Of course he eats green eggs. Although he also wonders if he will ever meet his mother whom he has not seen since childhood. So he plans to go look for her. Together with Guy-Am-I (Michael Douglas) he travels to East Hubria, the country from which the Green Eggs come. The story takes place against the backdrop of the conflict between the nation-states Yukiya and Zukia, which raised tensions on the land. And so the geopolitical woes coincide with the personal woes of Sam-I-Am, in a series that will once again be filled with nostalgia in Season 2.

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Dr. wrote. Seuss is still incredibly popular in the US, so big stars are happy to join Green eggs and ham† But the animated series is not necessarily original or innovative. And perhaps, because of this nostalgia, also for parents who watch the series with their children. That in itself is not a problem, of course: the hilarious material of Dr. Seuss hasn’t lost any of his power after all these years.

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