Greece signs letter of intent with Netherlands for more warships

Greece signs letter of intent with Netherlands for more warships

Greece has signed a letter of intent with the Netherlands to transfer Dutch warships to its fleet, in the country’s latest move in dramatically increasing its arms purchases in recent years, a France-based military news agency reported on Saturday.

The letter of intent relates to the possible transfer of two M-class frigates and six Alkmaar-class Mine Countermeasures Ships (MCMV) to the Greek Navy by the Royal Netherlands Navy, Naval News reports.

The letter of intent was signed Wednesday on the sidelines of the NATO Conference of National Armaments Managers (CNAD) in Brussels by Aristeidis Alexopoulos, Director General of the Greek Defense Procurement Agency (GDDIA), and Ari Jan de Ward, Director of Dutch Defense. DMO Equipment.

The Greek Navy already operates 13 frigates, including nine Dutch Kortenaer-class ships. This latest purchase follows Greece’s recent order to purchase three FDI frigates from France in September.

And despite saying it has no intention of entering an arms race with its neighbor and NATO ally Turkey, Greece has stepped up its military purchases this year. The country recently signed several major arms deals with Israel to buy drones and missiles, with France to buy Rafael fighter jets and with the United States to upgrade its F-16s to the United States. Latest Viper configuration.

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