GP Australia uses a race delay to adjust the track around Albert Park

GP Australië gebruikt uitstel race om circuit rond Albert Park aan te passen

The circuit around Albert Park in Melbourne will be modified in several locations in the coming months. Due to the Australian Grand Prix being postponed, the organization has time to make changes. Among other things, some bends and asphalt will be renewed.

In January, it was announced that the Australian Grand Prix would be postponed from March to November. The Australians use this delay to update the circuit around Albert Park. Andrew Westacott, president of the Australian Grand Prix company, has spoken to the Australian media about the planned changes to the ring Speedcafe at Automatic work I showed. Although there is little space on the South Melbourne Street Circuit, the organization plans Down Under However, several changes are made to trading.

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Albert Park has been on the F1 calendar since 1996 and hasn’t really undergone any real changes since then. The purpose of the modifications is to make it easier to override a job that is considered challenging. Additionally, the organization also hopes that teams dare to try alternative strategies. Racing enthusiasts Provide an overview of places on the circuit that may undergo a facelift.

Turn 1
The first corner of the Albert Park Street circuit is attributed, in part, to the DRS in front of it, which is one of the best overtaking opportunities in the circuit. Promoters are considering widening this angle, which could make overtaking more easier and should give drivers more room to avoid crashes at first.

Turn 9. © Motorsport Images

Sector 2 by 3
Between the sixth and thirteenth turns, the organization is considering modifications that would allow drivers to follow better, so that there is a greater chance of overtaking at the end of the third DRS zone, in turn 13. One of the proposed changes is to widen Turn 6, and the chicane consisting of turns 9 may be omitted. And 10 to remove the throttle zone.

In turn 13, the organization is considering modifying the hump. Currently the cam at this angle is negative (-2%), and it is examined if the “banks” at 5% can enhance the follow and / or overshoot. In addition, the curvature will be expanded.

By expanding the pit pass, the maximum permissible speed in the pit pass can be increased from 60 to 80 kilometers per hour. The organization hopes to create strategic options that allow teams to deviate from the usual one stopper in Australia.

Finally, a completely new asphalt layer is planned. The new surface, which will be harder on the tires, should help teams think of alternative strategies.

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Albert Park. © Motorsport Pictures

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