‘Fears of Chinese espionage via scanners in Rotterdam port’

'Fears of Chinese espionage via scanners in Rotterdam port'

Dutch customs appear to be using Chinese scanners to check goods in the port of Rotterdam, at airports and distribution centers. Concerns are growing over the digital security of this Nuctech equipment, according to FD reports.

Security and government experts fear that the Chinese state, which partly owns Nuctech, may use the scanners to spy or misuse the data collected. Last Friday, Lithuania decided to ban equipment from Nuctech for this reason. Canada and the United States are already doing this, and concerns have also surfaced in the European Parliament.

There are no security risks

In the Netherlands, customs use different types of Nuctech scanners, including fixed and portable cargo screening machines, baggage and parcel scanners. In its response, the service said it is using the equipment to check containers, trucks, passenger baggage and parcels entering or leaving the European Union.

Customs says that scanners are often “stand alone” and separate from operating systems. Moreover, there is a closed data network, customs say. Therefore the service does not see the use of Nuctech equipment as a safety risk.

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