Google TV finally gets user profiles

Google TV finally gets user profiles

Chromecast owners with Google TV or TV using this system can finally rely on user profiles. This allows family members to access personal information.

1. Google TV finally gets user profiles

Just as with Netflix and Disney+, it will soon be possible to use Google TV with many people. You can actually add more than one account to sign in to services with multiple accounts, but the recommendations on the Google TV home screen depend on the primary account activity.

Multiple user profiles on Google TV

The new functionality ensures that each family member will receive personalized recommendations. They can then continue to watch the series continuously without having to search for it first. It is also important that the Google Assistant then responds to individual family members because the smart assistant is linked to their account.

This is finally in response to a much needed feature that was supposed to be on the platform since the launch of Google TV.

2. Useful information about the situation of the atmosphere

In addition to user profiles, Google TV’s Atmosphere Mode (ambient mode) will also be upgraded. Mood Mode is a Google TV screensaver and here you can choose from Google Photos, an art gallery, and new beta sources. Google is expanding this screen with Maps. In these cards you will find personalized information and recommendations. Think about the weather, news, and calendar appointments. Google wants your TV to keep you up to date with information based on your profile.

Google TV finally gets user profiles
Manual map on Google TV atmospheric mode

You can scroll through the cards on the screen to instantly view your photos, listen to music, or play podcasts. If you’ve been away from the TV for a while, Google TV will revert back to Picture Frame Mode after a few minutes.

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Google TV’s Live and For functionality will also get you more options, but unfortunately it’s not yet available in the Netherlands and Belgium, because Google TV hasn’t been officially announced here. Remarkably, Ziggo has been offering Chromecast with Google TV for its second or third TV since Monday.

User profiles will be available worldwide, and atmosphere cards will only arrive in the US for now.

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