Google pulls Play Movies app for smart TVs | right Now

Google pulls Play Movies app for smart TVs |  right Now

Google will stop the “Play Movies” application for a number of smart TVs. As of June 15, the app is no longer usable for TVs from Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Roku, writes tech website 9to5Google.

The tech company will now refer users to YouTube to buy or rent movies. You can watch movies people have purchased through the YouTube Play Movies app. Also, Play Credits can still be used to purchase or rent movies and movies from the Shared Family Library (for up to five family members) and will remain available.

Google warns that new YouTube app purchases cannot be shared with other family members. This is possible with movies purchased from Google Play.

Google Movie Service will not cease to exist for the time being. For example, Play Movies will still be available on Android TV, iOS, and Apple TV. Google announced last year that it would replace the Google TV app with “Play Movies” in the long term. Through the app, users can watch, buy or rent movies and series from various streaming services. Google TV is currently only available in the US on Android devices.

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