Google Maps Can’t Do It: Free Navigation App Alternative With Powerful Features

Google Maps Can't Do It: Free Navigation App Alternative With Powerful Features

Empty platforms and stationary trains: Starting tomorrow, in large cities where many people commute to work by bus and train, the journey home during a train strike will be a challenge. If you want to know how to get to your destination as quickly as possible, you should consult Citymapper.

The free app is primarily aimed at commuters and other people who use public transportation often – and wants to group all transportation options into one app to suggest the best possible route. Practical: The app shows you hit effects that are relevant to you directly when you select a route and ignores canceled connections.

Citymapper is available in an Android version, as an iOS app and as a web app. But: even if the choice of cities is already large and constantly growing, the application is not yet available for all cities and regions in Germany.

Citymapper: a smart navigation app that competes with Google Maps

Google Maps Quiz: Citymapper combines all means of transportation in one application.

Photo: Citymapper

Whether it’s a bus, train, subway, suburban, tram, bike, taxi or car share: Citymapper compares all options and calculates the fastest route for you. The app contains real-time information so that you can always keep an eye on current delays and cancellations.

The app guides you through the urban jungle with step-by-step navigation, tells you when you have to get off or change trains and gives you smart tips for your route. For example, the app shows you whether you should take the train in the front or in the back in order to shorten the subsequent transfer time. In a foreign city, this saves you important minutes and a lot of jogging at the train station.

If you wish, you can also set up your daily commute and receive notifications about route updates.

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