Belgium’s Young Riders win superbly the Nations Cup at Fontainebleau after a neck and neck muscle race

Belgische Young Riders winnen op sublieme wijze de Nations Cup in Fontainebleau na nagelbijtende nek-aan-nekrace

The FEI Youth Riders Cup has just ended in Fontainebleau. In the end, both Belgium and Switzerland were eliminated in the second round without any penalty points, so the third round had to decide the winner. It was very exciting because both Belgium and Switzerland had four penalty points in the third round as a scratch score, so the time had to be looked at at the end. Switzerland collected a total time of 121.27 seconds and it became clear that Belgium won this Nations Cup. They put in a total time of 117.40 seconds and that gave them the win at the end. Great result from Belgian Young Riders!

The Belgian national team put in an excellent performance in this Nations Cup with a number of squads that managed to stay net three times, a unique feat. Sacha Beguin clearly jumped in the first round with Elcup van Beek II Z. In the second round, they cared about an eight-point penalty, but in the third round they remained crystal clear. Jules van Hoydonck & Minte vd Bisschop and Tristan Guisson & Naturelle vh Legita Hof Z put in a great performance by jumping over the three rounds. Tristan also managed to set a very fast time on the last lap. Finally, Anthony Philiberts drove a beautiful clear ride with Calypso de Blondel during the second moto. During the first round he made a foul that eventually became the result of scrap.

Team Switzerland did almost as well with the only difference being that they were a bit slower. Thibaut Keeler passed all the rounds with Badaboom One. Léon Pieyre did the same with Verona VZ, Gilles Müller and Giavanna CB also stayed out of the woods on all runs. Kyra Alessie cared about the scrap score with Cai 35 in both rounds. They always made mistakes along the way.

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We saw France in third place. Sarah Brioni (Cat Foix Deux Hoyt Z), Ramatu Ouedraogo (Gilbert van Rottershof), Laura Klein (Catelia Blasey) and Antoine Erman (Azure de Fenbos) collected a total of eight penalty points.

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