Cover: From casual wear to fashion element

Cover: From casual wear to fashion element

A hat is an indispensable fashion item in a man’s wardrobe these days. Complete your look with a hat. Different colors can be reflected in the style of your clothes, making you look better. Wearing a hat is not only stylish, but also practical. Are you out a lot to do sports, for example? Then the hat keeps your head warm on cold days. On warmer days, the hood provides shade from the sun. Have you grown too much and don’t have time to curl your hair? Cover it up and you still look great! Reasons enough to get a cover to buy

snapback: back with a vengeance

There are different types of hats. snapback is one of them. This is an adjustable straight top cap. Other types of hats have a pre-curved top, which makes the snapback unique and adorable. The snapback function can be inferred from the word. This cover is adjustable in the back by means of push buttons. This way, each cover fits you too. You just need to modify it.

Around 2010, the snapback became very popular, because famous rappers and athletes from America began to wear it. After a short bang, the snapback seemed to be a thing of the past, but nowadays it is being widely worn again. Once again, the celebrity was behind Snapback’s comeback.

Make a fashion statement

The iconic baseball cap has been an integral part of the street scene for decades. The rapper from the United States began wearing the hat in the 1990s as a fashion statement. By this they showed which neighborhood or city they came from. To this day that is still the case. Many people wear hats with a curved top to show the football club or Formula 1 team they support. This shows them who they are and what they stand for.

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Another popular cover is the trucker cover. When you see it from the front, it looks just like a baseball cap. The difference in the two covers lies in the fabric used. Baseball caps are made entirely of cotton. Trucker hats are made of foam on the front and mesh on the rest: a light fabric with a mesh-like appearance. Mesh provides more breathability than a baseball cap or snapback. Due to the plastic compression system, the baseball cap and trucker cap are also suitable for each head.

They get dressed all week long

The cover obviously complements your look. And what could be more awesome than wearing the same brand from head to toe? bee AB Lifestyle Look for week-long clothes that you wear tight clothes every day. With this brand, you express your sporty lifestyle and show who you are. Very cool. The collection includes this season’s signature hats, such as the Regular Trucker Cap, Signature Retro Trucker Hat, and Signature Baseball Cap. Complete your look with AB Lifestyle clothes and hats and show off who you are!

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