GL Youth break the Klaver | The interior

GL Youth break the Klaver |  The interior

The youth branch, “Douars” “claver” “enthusiastic and visionary,” is not spared, after Wednesday’s parliamentary elections in which the party’s number was almost halved. “Here, the typical tragedy of an idealistic young man who becomes more real and right-wing as he gets older seems to play before our very eyes,” GL Youth murmured.

They blame Claver for his explicit desire for common judgment. “The campaign fundamentally lacked a strong story,” says the green accusation. We see an important reason for this in the strong will to rule. In an effort to take her seriously as a potential formation partner, GL increasingly began dancing to the tunes of the biggest parties. “

According to Youth, Klaver is very guided by voter surveys and thus has pulled away a lot from the heart of his party. Thus Claver became increasingly distant from the idealistic and dynamic DNA of his party. Yet again, voter surveys show that GL voters prefer to see a positive tone rather than viciousness, and so he’s stayed with the flower and the bee rhetoric. “

Green massacre

Wednesday’s Green Slaughter should be a “wake-up call” for young people and ask for consequences: “Dwars GL calls for a show of necessary self-reflection and knowledge of what is needed to recover from this defeat.”

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