Giant hailstones in northern Australia: ‘This could be a record’

Giant hailstones in northern Australia: 'This could be a record'

Various photos and videos of the unusual hailstorm can be seen on social media. Residents of Bloomsbury and Yallborough in northern Queensland did not know what hit them.

A man who was driving parked his car on the verge of safety and filmed the storm. “What a thunderstorm! Oh Jesus, what cold balls! The man in front of me has stopped, his window is broken,” he says. Until the next moment, the windshield was also hit hard.

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), it could be a record for Australia. “We’ve seen the pictures and can hit some hail balls 16 cm tall It could be, “ABC News meteorologist Shane Kennedy. The previous record size was 14cm, so it looks like a new cold record has been set.” 100 kilometers per hour to fall down.

These sedge balls in a tropical area are not very common, although there have been many reports in recent years. Damage in the area will be quite extensive, although meteorologists have warned so people can prepare. Recently, there was already a hurricane in the area.

Watch the Facebook video below:

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