Nearly thirty refugees in a truck in Austria: two died

Nearly thirty refugees in a truck in Austria: two died

Officers stopped the truck near the Hungarian border in Austria yesterday. There were 28 migrants in the car, two of whom died. The other immigrants were in good health.

Syrian men

A police spokesman told AFP that the majority of the passengers were Syrian men and there were no women or children on board.

The truck driver managed to escape when officers stopped the car. Austrian and Hungarian police began a large-scale search. The search for the driver is carried out with helicopters, drones and dogs, among other things.

Truck with 71 dead

Six years ago, a truck was found in the area with 71 refugees on board, including children and an infant. They came to Austria from Hungary and died of suffocation.

Austrian region governor Hans-Peter Doskozel said yesterday that the similarity between this discovery and the current situation was “frightening”, the BBC wrote.

“Cruelty and brutality”

“This incident shows the cruelty and inhumanity of organized people smuggling,” Doskozel said. He called for “European reform of asylum procedures”.

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