‘Ghostbusters’ gets an animated series on Netflix

'Ghostbusters' gets an animated series on Netflix

It’s Netflix Geeked Week again. And in it a lot of news and photos are sent to the world. One such news is an upcoming animated series Ghostbusters. This series will be created by director Jason Reitman, who also previously Ghostbuster: Afterlife Orientation. It is not known when the series will be released.

Netflix will invest in an animated series of Ghostbusters. The franchise began in the 1980s with the original movie, but several projects have followed in recent years. One of these projects was the movie Ghostbusters: The Afterlifereleased in 2021. The director of this project, Jason Reitman, will now also be working on the animated series surrounding the franchise.


concept Ghostbusters It goes back to the eighties. In 1984, director Ivan Reitman directed a film about three professors who were investigating ghosts. In the end, they decide to hunt ghosts and current ghosts with one of their inventions. The film was a huge success and grossed $229 million in sales in the United States (about €202.5 million), a significant amount at the time.

Later the franchise was expanded with, among others, Ghostbusters From 2016. In it, the story has remained almost the same, but the male professors have been replaced by women. This movie didn’t get a high score. followed in 2021 Ghostbusters: The Afterlife† This was a film directed by Jason Reitman, son of Evan Reitman. This movie was a huge hit, because a sequel is on the way.

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Animation series

But that still doesn’t seem enough for director Jason Reitman. Because now he’s also working with Netflix to make an animated series about the franchise. He will make, produce, and direct that series with Jill Keenan. This was announced during Geeked Week for the streaming platform. There is no information about the content of the series and no release date yet.

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