GGD: Respect the order when planning to repeat injections

GGD: Respect the order when planning to repeat injections

The umbrella organization of the GGDs confirms this following reports from AD earlier today. As in previous vaccination rounds, the elderly were given priority over the vaccine because they faced the greatest risks. Since the end of September, health care workers have also been vaccinated. Officially, it’s the turn of people born in 1961 or earlier to make a date.

Threshold “lowest possible”

The fact that this is already possible for everyone is that the GGD wanted to make the minimum for healthcare staff as low as possible. “We don’t have insight into other files to see who works in healthcare, so we removed the age restrictions. This enabled them to make an appointment quickly,” explains GGD.

On the site itself, people must prove their age by means of an identity document. GGD notes that there are quite a few known cases of people who have already been shot while not yet due.

still immune

The way this is handled also varies by location. ”In some locations they were rejected while others were vaccinated. It has had little effect so far,” says GGD.

GGD calls on people to respect the order. The Minister has put this in place to give priority to vulnerable groups. This is not done for nothing. There are people from risk groups who are only receiving their invitation now. You want to give these people the opportunity to make a quick appointment and get the shot.”

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