George Clooney on Warner Bros’ 2021 launch strategy: “Will be fine”

George Clooney on Warner Bros' 2021 launch strategy: "Will be fine"

Warner Bros. They recently announced that they have a brand new release strategy for 2021. This means that several of the studio’s films will be shown simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max. Not everyone liked this, like Dennis Villeneuve and Christopher Nolan. George Clooney now talks about that, too.

In his latest movie, The Midnight Sky, Clooney teamed up with the streaming giant Netflix. Despite the fact that the film was not well received, it still scored very well. For example, it has been at the top of the list of most popular movies on Netflix in the US for at least 5 days, something that only a few original movies from the streaming service have succeeded in. However, according to Clooney, the cinema experience remains unparalleled.

main company
According to Clooney, this strategy doesn’t come from Warner Bros. Same, but from the parent company, the telecom giant AT&T:AT&T is not a movie studio“Clooney begins.”I spent at least 20 years at Warner Bros. And during that time I and all the other stars were being treated wonderfully“.

I think AT&T is trying to boost HBO Max and that the release strategy for 2021 will not be permanent. Otherwise, movies like Dune, which were made to make a billion dollars, are unprofitable“.

The cinema is above all
I always thought the time between movies and live broadcasts would get shorter, but that would go too far for me. I think people are eager to get out of the house and go to the movies again!

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A cinema visit suggestion also remains a great way to ask someone out. Moreover, comedies and horror movies are great for watching in the cinema. So I don’t think the cinema experience will totally go away“.

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