Gazette: Deutsche Bank offers IT workers from Russia to work in Germany

Gazette: Deutsche Bank offers IT workers from Russia to work in Germany

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Deutsche Bank offers jobs in Germany to approximately 1,500 employees in the IT department in Saint Petersburg. Business newspaper Handelsblatt reported this based on insiders. It is said that several hundred employees have already moved to the technology center set up by the bank in Berlin.

Deutsche Bank declined to comment on the news. In a written statement, Germany’s largest financial services provider stated that the Berlin Tech Center should primarily support the investment bank and commercial customer division through application development.

Deutsche Bank denounced the Russian invasion of Ukraine in March, and said it would no longer receive new customers in Russia. For example, a bank will reduce activities in the country. At the time, the financial group stated that the risks of closing the technology support division in Saint Petersburg were limited, since there are also such centers in Romania, the United States and India.

But Deutsche Bank warned in its first-quarter results of the risks that the bank will have little or no use of its information technology center in Russia. “For example, through Western sanctions, Russian state interventions or actions taken by the administration.”

According to Handelsblatt, Deutsche Bank is now working to reduce the risk of losing experience if the ICT center in Russia can no longer remain open.

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