G-Word with Adam Conover S01E01: A Call for Better Government

G-Word with Adam Conover S01E01: A Call for Better Government

It should come as no surprise that former President Barack Obama is one of the producers of a sitcom about the US government. After years of Obama control, he still has substantial things to say about his homeland. In addition, he made a deal with Netflix. at G word with Adam Conover The comedian from the title is more or less acting as a marketplace for Obama. The series highlights both positive and negative issues. Obama appears, too. In the first episode, Conover joins him as he files his tax return. The ex-president proudly says he doesn’t need help with that, while the files slide off his desk.

But Obama pulls himself together and appears to be a real cynic as he points out the importance of government to Conover. The rest of the episode focuses on the relationship between the US government and food manufacturers. For example, the government supervises the slaughter of animals. This passage – with vets explaining the importance of their jobs, supervising the slaughterhouse – can be seen as pedantic and uncritical. But halfway through, Conover suddenly makes an argument: Consuming meat is actually bad and the US government is considering giving up oversight of slaughter.

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And the column on American agriculture – and the government’s role in it – isn’t really cheerful. Conover explains that large farms mainly get subsidies, which is why supermarket shelves are filled with cornflakes and other unhealthy foods. G word with Adam Conover In this sense he paints a particularly dystopian picture of the United States. Although that sounds like the intent: the sitcom appears to be some sort of argument for voting Democrat in the next election. Although Conover also wonders who will watch his series: “How did the Netflix algorithm get to me?”

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